Grant Resources

More rat-related grants are good news for all of us so we're assembling some information and other resources that might be of help as you plan and write your grants. This is certainly a work in progress so please feel free to contact us with more suggestions and requests for ways in which RGD can help you in your grant writing.


Rat Data and Statistics 

The RGD Curation team has a great deal of experience finding and compiling rat data and we may be able to help you find information or even create specific datasets for your grant or publication.

Some past examples:


Current Rat data statistics from NCBI 

You can use the following search term at NCBI to narrow your searches to Rat data: txid10116[orgn] OR "rattus norvegicus" [Run this query at NCBI now]. 


Data Sharing Plan

RGD makes data readily available to users through the download function within each tool or through the FTP site.  We welcome working with investigators and groups looking to build data pipelines for other tools.  Customized data sets are also available upon request.

Most NIH grants now contain a section covering the Sharing of Research Data (eg. RO1, Section 2.C.) which requires applicants to describe their plans for sharing data that is created as part of the proposed research. RGD may well be able to act as a suitable venue for project data to be made available to the research community and we encourage researchers to contact us to discuss this further. Strain, QTL, and gene registration can be done through our submission forms.  Direct submission of new data, or additions and revisions to existing data in RGD are welcome. Please contact Mary Shimoyama, PhD ( for these types of data submissions.

Software Sharing Plan

RGD uses two open source tools (GBrowse and RatMine). Information regarding access to these tools should be obtained directly from GMOD (Generic Model Organism Database project, for GBrowse or InterMine ( for RatMine. 

For all other software code, please contact us directly for information and access to the code.

Model Organism Sharing Plan

Most NIH grants now also contain a section covering the Sharing of Research Resources (eg. RO1, Section 2.D.) which requires applicants to describe their plans for sharing "unique research resources" that are created as part of the proposed research (see NIH Grants Policy Statement for more information). This includes a Model Organism Sharing Plan that should describe how unique animal models created through the funded research will be made available to the community.

While RGD is unable to help directly with the sharing of biological resources, investigators are encourage to contact groups such as the Rat Resource and Research Center (RRRC) in Missouri, US or the National BioResource Project (NBRP) in Kyoto, Japan, for information about their rat strain repository facilities.

NIH Funding Opportunities (Notices, PA, RFA)

Weekly Funding Opportunities and Policy Notices from the National Institutes of Health.