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General RGD Questions

How does RGD acquire the information?
The Rat Genome Database (RGD) is a fully curated database. Our staff scientists and data processing specialists have reviewed all data. Regardless of the original format of the data, RGD processes all data through a customized pipeline. In addition, RGD has a nomenclature team that collaborates with leaders in the rat, mouse and human model organism databases to assure proper names and symbols are assigned to the data in RGD.
How often does new data appear on the RGD website?
New data is uploaded to the public web site on the first and fifteenth of each month.
How will I know when data is updated? Rat Community Forum (RCF) and you will be kept abreast of the latest updates, modifications and events occurring within RGD.
How do I cite RGD?
You can see examples of RGD citations using the “Citing RGD” link in the blue banner at the top of the home page.
What is an ‘RGD ID’?
Every object (genes, QTLs, sequences, ESTs, SSLPs, references, maps) in RGD is given an identification number or RGD ID. If you know the RGD ID you can type it in the search window and retrieve the web page for that object.
Can I do a BLAST or sequence comparison in RGD?
RGD does not support BLAST at this moment, but provides external links to BLAST tools on the Resource Links page – Rat Resources/NCBI: Rat Gemone Resources.
I would like to download rat data in bulk/batch form. Is there a central location from where I can download them?
Yes, you can download data from the RGD ftp site. This is accessed via the “FTP download” link in the top blue banner on the RGD home page. The RGD ftp site is updated twice a month and covers the latest data on rat genes, ESTs, QTLs, Maps, SSLPs, RH Map v3.4 and alleles listed under the pub/data release file.
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Data Curation Questions
How do you choose papers to curate?
In general, RGD curates only current articles that cover genes, QTLs, strains, and mapping data. However, to be thorough, we search the archives. The current articles are chosen from a broad range of journals covering a wide variety of relevant articles.
If I feel there is a mistake in the interpretation of data presented in the database, whom should I contact?
You can send your comments to RGD via the Contact Us link in the blue banner near the top of the home page. In most cases, you should see the changes within a couple of weeks.
I have just published a paper with exciting new information on a gene in your database. How can I be sure you will curate this paper? Inform us via the Contact Us link in the blue banner near the top of the home page.
you should see the curation results within 3 weeks.
Can I submit my data to RGD?
Yes, RGD welcomes the opportunity to provide the rat research community with your data. If your data is supplemental, new or modified we encourage you to please contact
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General Rat Questions
How can I find the status of the rat sequencing project?
You can find the link on the RGD home page under the Community tab – Resource Links/Rat Resources/Baylor College of Medicine Rat Resources .
Where can I order rat strains (wild-type or mutant)?
RGD does not keep rat strains, but is a repository of data information, though there are links through Programs for Genomic Applications to commercial labs where these strains can be obtained. Links on the Repositories of Laboratory Animal Models and Strains page at ILAR can be helpful in ordering strains.
RGD encourages all researchers to become members of the RCF, so that all can utilize this forum for exchange of ideas. To register and become part of this, click on the Community tab in the blue banner near the top of the RGD home page, then click Rat Community Forum or click here.
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